The Truth

Could this be the key...?

an incredible revelation?

My name is Jerrik Eluvian. In the year 11:25, I discovered an misterious diary which may or may not prove me right about the fifth blight and the so-called Hero of Ferelden. The time is matching,and even if it’s about somebody entirely else, I hope to find some referrences to the legendary short blight, that had ended, before it even spread over the borders of it’s outbreak.
This is serious and dangerous buisness, I’m doubting a piece of Thedas history, a legend….
If somebody finds out about this notes, I could get in some serious trouble. I’ll copy the original diary of Adelica Featherston, and do my best to recreate the characterizations of people she met by her log-entrys and some notes,she made…

Some other entrys may need external research, but I’ll do everything to discover the truth…

Whoever may find this notes, remember, that history is always written by winners and survivors…
We must not believe blindly everything we’re told…

From the secret notes of Jerrik Eluvian



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