The Truth

Dance with the wolves

Why does every festival end in bloodshed?

Tulkas and I interrogated the Arl, as he awoke and revealed, that he tried to kill us for a deal with “the Father”, a shadow of a person, who promised him to protect Nevara, if the Arl sacrifices Ferelden to the Darkspawn. Seriously, either he’s lying or to stupid to realise he’s being used, but the Circle seems to play safe and expects the latter. So they send no one else than our sweet Adelica together with us into the heart of Nevara to investigate the existence of “the Father”.
It will be a hard time. Once we reach Nevara, I have to expect no support from the Guild and I don’t want to imagine in how much trouble Adelica will get herself as the leader of the expedition.

Anyways, maybe the sudden travel across continents will make the hounds loose our trail… but that would be too nice to be real. I think I will give my guild one last message before were leaving Ferelden on a boat from Highever.

Today we reached Highever and as coincedence will have it, a festival was about to begin. One last happy time before leaving the country being cut off from my Partners of the Owls or so I thought. We just found an inn for the night, as we were hired to deliver a mysterious chest under some suspicous conditions. I wished we would have let the chest be chest and stayed in the inn. It was no big deal for me, that we should deliver smuggled goods, but delivering smuggled goods for which a bunch of werewolves have an interest does bother me. Thanks the Maker, the werewolves weren’t contagious apparently.

to be continued



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