The Truth

Never trust a suspicous noble

especially not if he arrives with 20 armed men, in a stormy night.

A suudden storm hit Kinloch Hold and all travellers and inhabitants of the Spoiled Princess were invited into the tower of the circle for protection. Next to Aiyana, Amarok, [[:alistair] and myself, there were the owner of the tavern and four merchants. One of them was a dwarf with a book about herbs. I bought it for Tulkas, but kept it myself if I should ever need to know a poison mushroom or so. The only one who stayed at the inn was Tal. He prefered to face the storm, rather than entering this tower filled with mages. Well actually there were just the apprentice mages, some enchanters, a few templars, Irving and Gregoir at the tower as the storm hit it. And with the storm an Arl arrived at the tower, together with his 20 armed men, including a group of mages and templars, in search for some shelter.
I thought this night would be perfect to check the other people from the spoiled princess for hints, if they are from the Hounds, but they seemed safe. The Arl on the other hand appeared to be a threat. Not because he served the hounds, but he tried that night to take over the tower of the mages. If I hadn’t give in to the sleep, I would have seen him climbing the stairs to the upper rooms, where the enchanters, the templars, Tulkas, Adelica and Gregoir and Irving were sleeping.
This way I was wakened by the shouts of alarm and rushed up to Adelica to save her.
The floor was filled with about five men, armed with crossbows and swords. But they didn’t expected me to attack them from behind and Tulkas gave him some serious trouble, just as Aiyana and her wolf Amarok were doing, so we defeated them without much injuries. Well it could have been less, if the mages, who slept with Adelica in one room hadn’t just standed, drunken with sleep, in the middle of the fight doing nothing. Looks like Adelica is sometimes useless because she is a mage.
Then we went to the top of the tower, even though that one older lady enchanter said we should hurry to the basement, because the mages the Arl brought in here took some of the apprentices with them, but we thought that Gregoir and Irving would be also in danger. So we tried to help them and thanks the Maker, we came no second to late. Gregoir and Irving managed to kill some men in their rooms, but in the spire of the tower, they faced the Arl and would have been dead by now, if we hadn’t helped them. We also managed to capture the Arl and I’m not quite sure, but I thought to see how Aiyana stripped one of the dead templars, who worked for the Arl, of his purse, while Gregoir were busy beheading one of the fallen templars, who surrendered. If she really did that, I wonder if it was courage or madness, that let her do it. I mean, Adelica and Tulkas were worried, if they could let us to the spire, because it’s a sacred place or some stuff like that and she looted a dead body up there just behind the back of a fanatic templar.
Anyways, after that, we hurried down the stairs to the basement, where the apprentices were taken to and searched through the storage rooms down there. There was quite a lot of stuff and if I could, I would have liked to take some of the stuff, but the chances to get caught and that this would mean to be separated from Adelica – and maybe being separated from my head – was a bit to risky. And in one of the larger chambers we found the mages and the imprisoned apprentices. And also the old mage lady, who asked us to go down here instead of helping Irving and Gregoir. It looked like she went down on her own, was captured and about to be sacrificed as two other apprentices before her. Luckily, we arrived just in time to prevent her from being sacrificed. I don’t want to know, what these mages might have called with her blood.
With the last enemy mage fallen, the tower was saved and now we have to wait, till the Arl awakens, so we can question him.

-From the journal of Valesco 9:30



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