The Truth

Storm Night in Kinloch Hold

You expect some murder and get a full fleged massacre

After some calm days in the Tower my next adventure should begin. But this time it was not me, finding the adventure, but the adventure that found me.
Irving and Gregoir decided that they should evacuate the people of the Calenhad Docks to the tower becouse a migthy storm was rising. So it appeared that we eould have some guests for the night and perhaps the next. Well most of the Mages and Templars were not here anyhow, most of them were marching towards Ostergar, so we had plenty of room for the people.
I just came down to the entrence hall, from my studies, to see if I could possibly help with the organisation of the quarters for our guests, when it suddenly knocked on the door.
Out there was an Arl, he called himself Arl Harrington, with his entourage. They were 20 People, five Mages, three templars eleven commoners and the Arl himself. They claimed they were trying to flee the storm with their boat on Lake Calenhad but had no succes and were here to seek shelter. Tulkas was reluctant to let them in at first but when Gregoir told him to hurry up he opened the door and let them in. Of course neither Irving nor Gregoir deemed it necessary that our guests would hand in their weapons, a critical mistake, as the night to come would show.
I was preparing for the apprentices to move up in the second floor. To think that the apprentices would be resting in the chambers of the Magicans tonight… I knew that I would not rest easy and would keep an open ear for anyone running in the corridors tonight and so I spent my time reading until deep in the night.
Later this night terrible things started to happen. I awoke when I heared Tulkas voice from the next room and saw a person with a dagger who was about to kill an roommate of me. But Justice was swift and my reaction even swifter and the evildoer smitten by my raw magical powers. Actually I was kind of suprised that he did not survive my Arkane Bolt, but he deserved this fate anyway. After this the Enchanters and Senior Enchanter Wynne, were awake, well kinda I suppose. I was heading out in the corridor to look what was up in Tulkas room but out there were seven armed people from the group of the Arl. A fight ensued in which I managed, with the help of Leoncio and Aiyana, who were strangley enough just about to storm into the second floor, and Tulkas to overwhelm them, even though my superriors appeard to be so drowsy that all three of them not even managed to cast even a single spell. I really wonder what our circle is comming to these days when I have to watch such incompetence from even the Senior Enchanters.

After we had defeated those wo tried to kill us in our sleep, we learned that they were succesfull with the killing of two of Tulkas Roommates and that the apprentices were gone missing. I proposed that we should head upwards to look after Irving first, but Wynne was insisting on looking downstairs first. We came to no agreement and well perhaps she was kinda the one in charge at this time, I just could not bring myself to follow her orders, considiring her underwhelming performance in the combat we just had immidiatly before this. When she saw that Tulkas and me were really not fond of the idea to go downstairs first, she just went on down the staircase. I took the party of travelers with whom I had traveled before and asked the other enchanters and Templars to guard the prisoners we had taken, and went upstairs with them cursing Wynnes stupidity and her arrogance.
Up there did not found Irving and Gregoir, only the murderers who had attacked them, well at least what remained of them, so it appeared that the two of them would be up in the forth floor.
Tulkas and me were discussing if we could take Leoncio and Aiyana up there with us, it is the fourth floor after all, and we decided that we would go up without them and would call for them if necessary.
The Arl was rambling on his blighted plan, i did not understood everything but it did not appear to be to reasonable. Well when we were on the last few steps Tulkas sprinted into the fourth floor screaming “I can not allow this to happen!”, or somthing along those lines. The battle begun, and Irving and Gregoir got overwhelmed by the enemies, three bribed Templars and the Arl. But thanks to my healing spell I could save them. when the battle was over Gregoir beheaded the last bribed templar, who had surrendered just moments ago, not quite civalious, he should really do something about his temper. The Arl however did survive and will talk later on hopefully.
The missing aprentices where not with those however and there were still 4 Mages left. So we assumed, that they must be downstairs. Following their trail we found the door to the cellar wide open and searched them down there. Tulkas and Leoncio were scouting for us, I really hope that I will not regret that we allowoed Leoncio and Aiyana down there, if I find out that Leoncio has taken anything from down there I will make his life a waking nightmare! Once we found the evil magicans, they were just about to use Wynne as an blood sacrifice for an, probably crazy, ritual and so we attacked them with no delay. Unfortunatley we did not arrive in time to save all of the aprentices, two of their lives were already ended by the ritual daggers of those lunatics. When the battle was over there was no one left we could take prisoner.

From the Journal of Adelica Featherston 9:30



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