The Truth

The Wolves of Highever

Irving assigned Leoncio and Tulkas to interrogate the Arl and they revealed something unsuprising, the Arl is an idiot. Well, they also got some valuable informations out of him: He came from somewhere near Nevara and a strange man, apparently called “Father” by his minions, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse… as it seems. The “Father” commanded him to open a way into the deep roads on the isle on which Kinloch hold resides. He showed him his incredible ability to let some Darkspawn drink peacefully a cup of tea, well or at least he had some illusionary Magic which made the daft Arl think he could. While they were interrogating him I went to Irving and Gregoir. I had to complain about the safety measures of the Tower, I think we should at least have disarmed the commoners. When Tulkas arrived Irving had already a new Quest for me. I was appointed to travel to Nevara, in the lands of the Arl and investigate what was going on there, perhaps I will find out what an illusin it is that this “Father” commands. Tulkas and I just started discussing, when Irving suggested we should work a week in the kitchen, to get better along. Outrageous! We just saved their life, curses we just saved the whole Circle and what was our reward? A week in the kitchen like we were some Tranquil! Well he did not made us actually do it but I was pretty angry… I wished Wynter would have been there, she would have helped me to keep calm… she always does.

to be continued



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