Flying, tainted Scavengers


Hunger Darkspawn

Ability (Focus)

  • 0 Communication
  • -2 Constitution (Stamina)
  • -2 Cunning
  • 3 Dexterity (Bite, Stealth)
  • -2 Magic
  • 2 Preception (Smelling)
  • -1 Strengh (Intimidate)
  • 0 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 5 (Fly 20)
  • Health : 10
  • Defense : 13
  • Armor rating : 0


  • Weapon : Bite
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 1D6-1


Blood Drain Stunt : For 3 stunt points, a Bloodcrow can strike and latch onto its target to drain blood from the victim The damage from the bloodcrow’s attack ignores armor.
Eye-Strike Stunt : For 2 stunt points, a bloodcrow can rake or peck at it’s target’s eyes or other vulnerable spots. The target suffers a -1 penalty on all tests intill the end of its next turn.
Favored Stunts: Blood Drain, Eye Strike, Mighty Blow


Infected by darkspawn, these black carrion birds gain a thirst for the blood of the living along with a savage nature and cunning. Bloodcrows are larger than their mundane kin, with a dark reddish sheen to their black feathers and blood-red eyes. They have sharp beaks
and snake-like tails with small spikes or spines along them.

Bloodcrows usually attack in flocks, striking at the eyes and face as well as any other unprotected or vulnerable areas on their prey. As a group they can bring down much larger creatures, allowing them to feast.

“This could not have been a normal crow. Normal crows have glowing red eyes and attack us on sight.”
-Tulkas Astaldo, talking about a magical, but otherwise normal, crow 9:30


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