Fire sprite

Tiny humanoid, winged creatures


Special Ability

Song: As a group, firesprites can communicate and influence an audience through song.When summoned, they managed to rise grief and hopelessness in the party. Later in the grotto, they planted a feeling of knowing the place in most of the party members.


The firesprites are an ancient, dying race of minute proportions—about four inches tall. They are humanoids with yellow skin and insect wings, and close inspection reveals that they have compound eyes, like a housefly. They also have two antennae.Firesprites don’t wear clothes and their bodies emanate a musty yellow glow. In spite of their humanoid legs, firesprites don’t seem to walk, instead flying everywhere. They prefer hovering to standing. They also don’t seem to speak; instead they constantly sing. Their songs affect the moods of those around them; it isn’t clear whether this is intentional.

It isn’t sure,if that was the last colony of firesprites, but since Adelicas Journal entry there were no more reported encounters with firesprites.

Fire sprite

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