Giant Swamp Crab

Giant swamp crabs are about twice the size of a human. Their claws have about a 10-foot reach.


Ability (Focus)

  • -2 Communication
  • 3 Constitution
  • -1 Cunning
  • 2 Dexterity
  • 0 Magic
  • 1 Perception (Smelling)
  • 5 Strengh
  • 2 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 12
  • Health : 40
  • Defense : 12
  • Armor rating : 8


  • Weapon : Claw
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 2D6+5


Hard Shell :The swamp crab’s outer shell gives it an armor
rating of 8.

Favoured Stunts : Skirmish,Uneven Ground and Grasping Root

Special Rules

Uneven Ground: The PC stumbles on uneven ground and suffers a –1 penalty (cumulative with other environmental penalties) until he moves to a different location.

Grasping Root: The PC stumbles over a grasping root and falls prone. Furthermore, he must make
a TN 9 Strength (Might) test for each item in his hands to avoid dropping it. Finding a dropped object in the water requires a TN 13 Perception (Searching)test.

Dinner: The crab grasps the stewpot in its claws, tips it over, and leaps upon it, gobbling the noxious liquid off the soft ground.

Stuck : As “Grasping Root,” above, but the PC is also stuck in place until he makes a TN 15 Strength (Might) test to wrest himself free.

Sever Claw : The PC severs one of the swamp crab’s claws, increasing the cost of the “Dinner!” stunt to 6 SP (for one missing claw) or making it impossible (for two missing claws). Upon losing its second claw, the crab must make a TN 15 Willpower (Courage) test or fall back into the dark marshes to nurse its wounds.


Giant Swamp Crab

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