Guardian Serpent

A legendary creature, guardian of the Shadowmoss


Guardian Serpent

Ability (Focus)

  • -1 Communication
  • 4 Constitution (Stamina,Swimming)
  • 0 Cunning
  • 6 Dexterity (Stealth)
  • 0 Magic
  • 3 Preception (Hearing, Tracking)
  • 8 Strengh (Climbing,Constrict,Gore)
  • 2 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 22
  • Health : 50
  • Defense : 16
  • Armor rating : 5


  • Weapon : Gore
  • Attack Roll : +10
  • Damage : 3D6+8


Scales : The guardian serpent’s scales give it an armor rating of 5.
Favored Stunts : Skirmish (especially into the pool), Knock Prone, and Lightning Attack
Constrict : After a successful gore attack, the guardian serpent may automatically coil itself around its victim and constrict, suffocating him for 1d6+8 damage in each subsequent round. The serpent can constrict up to two human-sized victims at once in this way, and is free to continue goring other targets in the meantime. A constricted victim can wriggle free with an advanced TN 11 Strength (Might) test. Each roll requires a major action; a success threshold of 10 is required to escape. Constricted victims can also try to do other things (with the exception of charging, running, or moving), but suffer a –3 penalty to all actions, including attacking the serpent. A constricted victim has a special stunt available, “Escape the Snake.” Any number of stunt points can be spent at once to this end, with each point spent contributing 1 point to the test threshold to escape the constriction.


The guardian serpent is a 40-foot-long greenish silver snake-like serpent with a prehensile body and tiny legs. It has two wicked horns on its head that it uses to gore victims before swallowing them whole.

When the serpeent attacked the party to protect the cave, they fought back and killed it.

Guardian Serpent

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