Jerrik Eluvian

a future mage apprentice


Jerrik Eluvian
Circle Mage Apprentice

Ability (Focus)

  • 2 Communication
  • 1 Constitution
  • 3 Cunning (historical Lore)
  • 0 Dexterity
  • 4 Magic (enthropic lore)
  • 3 Perception (Sceptic)
  • 1 Strengh
  • 3 Willpower (courage)

In the year 11:25, Jerrik is a mage apprentice in the circle of Ferelden.
With his ancestors antivans, his bloodline lives at Ferelden for over 150 years now.
When he was young, he liked searching through the crates with all the old belongings of his ancestors, which are stuffed in the basement of his familiy estate. In the year 11:15, when he was at the age of eight, he discovered the Old Journal of someone called “Valesco” between all the things. He wasn’t sure if this Valesco was a member of his bloodline too, but when he gave some of the journal entrys one glimpse look, his got courious. Jerrik held even as a boy a great interest in the history of Thedas and especially the blights and he was amazed about how easy the fifth blight was ended during the Dragon Age. When he realized,that Valescos journal was written in 9:30, he took it to his room in order to read it. However, before he could really dig into it, his magic abilitys were discovered and he was taken to the circle to study and master his magic powers. He almost forgot about the journal.

10 years later,while searching the Tower library,he discovered the hidden Journal of Adelica Featherston. It was hidden in a secret drwaer,which he opend by coincedence – or was it the maker’s will? However, he took it,wondering why somebody should hide a journal,which was written almost 200 years before. Again, he gave some of the entrys a glimpse look. In the moment he realized, it was startet in the year of the fifht blight, he decided to keep and to study it. Beside his arcane studies, he also kept learning about the history of Thedas and grew sceptical about some events, on of them was the “Hero of Ferelden”s story. Realizing, Adelica was a contemporary witness, Jerrik hoped, he could gain some “inoffical” knowledge from her journal. He knew something must be odd about this journal. Why had it be hidden? Who put it there?

The fact, Adelcas journal was placed in a secret drawer was reason enough to keep it hidden, but Jerrik was also worried of somebody finding out, what he was actually hoping to find in this journal. So kept the journal and his notes about it a secret of his own and put it in a hole beneath a removable plate on the floor right under his bed. When he remembered, where he read some of the names of Adelicas companions before, he send a letter to his mother, asking her to send him Valescos journal, which still was in his old room. He hoped to discover something interesting by comparing the journal and researching the people, events and places which were talked about in the journals. So he spend a couple of hours every night by reading the two journals and taking notes.
But why did Adelica not mention Valesco, while Valesco never talked about this Leoncio, who travveld with Adelica? Aside this little difference, it seems like Jerrik had the journals of two people traveling togehter….

Jerrik Eluvian

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