transformed elven, tainted by the rage Abomination Mythallen


Rage Darkspawn

Ability (Focus)

  • 0 Communication
  • 2 Constitution (Stamina)
  • 0 Cunning
  • 2 Dexterity (Stealth)
  • 1 Magic
  • 2 Preception (Smelling)
  • 3 Strengh (Claws, Intimidate)
  • 1 Willpower (Morale)

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 14
  • Health : 20
  • Defense : 12
  • Armor rating : 3


  • Weapon : Claws
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 1D6+6
  • Weapon : Bite
  • Attack Roll : +2
  • Damage : 1D6+3


Dark Vision : Revengers can see in the dark as if it were daylight. This does,however, make their eyes light sensitive. In an actual daylight or other bright light, Revengers suffer a -1 penalty to their Perception ability and all attack rolls.
Favored Stunt : Lightning Attack and Mighty Blow
Quick Bite Stunt: A Revenger can follow up a successful attack with a Quick Bite as a special stunt costing 2 SP. This bite Attack must be taken against the same target as the original attack. Rolling doubles on the bite attack roll does not generate more stunt points.


The rage of Mythallen is like a fire, capable of igniting and burning other creatures, transforming them into extensions of his unholy will like sparks spreading a
bonfire. A revenger is a normal humanoid possessed and changed by Mythallen into an instrument of death and destruction.

Revengers are a sickly grey color, their flesh tough and leathery, drawn tight on their bones. Their lips are drawn back in a rictus parody of a grin, and their teeth and nails grow sharp and predatory. Their eyes become dark pools of nothingness swirling with reddish shadows, and able to pierce the darkest gloom, but sensitive to the light of day. They are usually clad in the ragged remains of whatever clothing they wore before their transformation, or else are garbed as their creator and master sees fit Revengers have a measure of intelligence left to them, more an animal cunning, and they are still capable of speech, although they are more likely to issue only growls and animal cries. They are otherwise nothing more than extensions of their master’s will, incapable of disobedience or betrayal.A revenger given the opportunity to attack does so savagely, striking with claws and biting targets that get too close. They fight with no regard for their own safety. A slain revenger reverts back to its original, untainted, form, often to the shock and surprise of its slayers.


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