Ser Vilja Wulver

An honorable knight turned reluctant bandit


Ser Vilja

Ability (Focus)

  • 2 Communication
  • 3 Constitution (Stamina)
  • 1 Cunning (Military Lore)
  • 4 Dexterity (Riding)
  • 0 Magic
  • 1 Preception
  • 4 Strengh (Heavy Blades)
  • 2 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 11
  • Health : 39
  • Defense : 16
  • Armor rating : 7


  • Weapon : Long Sword
  • Attack Roll : +6
  • Damage : 2D6+4
  • Weapon : Dagger
  • Attack Roll : +4
  • Damage : 1D6+5
  • Weapon : Crossbow
  • Attack Roll : +1
  • Damage : 2D6+2
  • *Range: * 30/60 Yards


Favored Stunts : Disarm and Mighty Blow
Talents: Armor Training (Novice), Single Weapon Style (Novice), and Weapon and Shield Style (Novice).
Weapon Groups : Bows, Brawling, Heavy Blades, and Light Blades.


Ser Vilja Wulverton is the knight and burgomaster of Wulverton. A relatively young man, he’s already known hardship, his own father having fallen to the frequent Avvarian raids against his village.

Ragers recently attacked his village , infected his wife and son and some more villagers and killed his other son. In all, ten people in Wulverton are infected. His own village wise man told him how to seek the shadowmoss, which he did. Unfortunately, when he summoned the firesprites, the vision he received during their wailing song made him understand that the shadowmoss was gone, probably forever, and that it was leaving the forest. He even saw the faces of those who took it. He decided to intercept them before it was too late.

Adelica and Leoncio managed to persuade him to send a search party to the grotto instead of fighting them for their shadowmoss.

Ser Vilja Wulver

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