A skeleton, possessed by a demon


Skeleton, enraged (Rage)

Rank: ordinary
Size: Typical

Ability (Focus)

  • -2 Communication
  • 2 Constitution (Stamina)
  • -2 Cunning
  • 0 Dexterity
  • 1 Magic
  • 0 Perception
  • 3 Strengh (Claws)
  • 2 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 10
  • Health : 26
  • Defense : 10
  • Armor rating : 4


  • Weapon : Paltry Claws
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 1D3+3


Favoured Stunts : Strangle
Talent : Armour Training (Novice)
Weapon Groups : Bludgeons

Special Rules

Howling Mad, Fear(9), Immune(Fatigue, Poison), Vulnerable(Fire), Resist(Frost)

Strangle : Rage Demons are so incoherent when they possess a skeleton they cannot even tap into their fiery nature. Instead they just attempt to throttle anything in reach. This is a special stunt for 3 SP. The victim immediately takes 1D6 penetrating damage. Once the Strangle is started the Corpse will continue performing it as a Major Action with the target taking 1D6 penetrating damage every round unless they can win an opposed Strength (Might) test to break free.


Heavy Leather, may carry clubs


The Skeleton is a dead body possessed by a Demon. The Skeleton has usually been possessed for longer and any remaining flesh has long since disintegrated leaving only bones and armour. The Demons are usually those of Rage and Hunger, but occasionally a Sloth Demon will also possess a skeleton.
If the skeleton belonged to a warrior originally armed and armoured, then the animated dead retain that equipment and are capable of using it in battle. Their ferocity drives them to attack any living being that crosses their path until they are victorious, or smashed to pieces. An unarmed, or disarmed Skeleton will continue to attack with any means possible including wielding their own severed limbs or clawing with smashed fingers.

Enraged Skeleton

When a Rage Demon possesses a skeleton it retains little but the fury that drives it to kill. Without even the wits to wield a weapon more complicated than a club, it will most likely take the hands-on approach to the slaughter of it’s victims


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