Spider, Giant

A Giant Spider


Spider, Giant

Rank: ordinary
Size: typical

Ability (Focus)

  • -2 Communication
  • 3 Constitution
  • -2 Cunning
  • 4 Dexterity (Bite,Stealth)
  • 0 Magic
  • 3 Perception (Touching)
  • 3 Strengh (Intimidation, Jumping)
  • 1 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 14
  • Health : 29
  • Defense : 14
  • Armor rating : 2


  • Weapon : Large Bite
  • Attack Roll : +6
  • Damage : 2D6+3


Favoured Stunts : Knock Prone and Poison Bite

Special Rules

Natural Armor, Fear(7), Resistant ( Poison), Vulnerable(Frost)

Poison Bite: A giant spider can inject poison as a special stunt costing 2 SP. The poison debilitates the victim, who suffers a -2 penalty to Dexterity until they are revived by a “Breather”, receive magical healing or an antidote.

Poison Gout: Some giant spiders can launch a stream of venom as a ranged attack. Range 6/12 yards. This poison burns delicate areas like eyes, causing the victim to suffer a -1 penalty to dexterity until the receive magical healing or are able to wash the affected area.

Wall Crawler : Gravity is no obstacle to a giant spider, it can walk up vertical surfaces and even inverted; almost as if it were normal ground.

Web : As a major action a giant spider can shoot a web at a visible target within 12 yards. The target must make a successful TN 11 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test or become immobilised. The target or an ally can remove the web by using a major action TN 13 Strength (Might) test. This is the only action an immobilised character can make until freed.


Far more fearsome than their miniscule relatives, a giant spider is a terror to behold. Like the Bronto, the Giant Spider is an invention of the Dwarves. Originally used to keep the Deep Roads clear of bats and Deepstalkers, the demise of the Dwarven empire saw them run wild Soon they had spilled out onto the surface and now infest the deepest parts of the forests across Thedas.They most commonly catch their prey using cleverly concealed webs strung across game trails and darkened caverns. Many an adventurer has found themselves ensnared by such a cunningly hidden trap, helplessly awaiting their demise.Several strains of these spiders have particularly potent venom, with some species able to spit this poison over short distances.

Spider, Giant

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