Valesco is an antivan assassin aprentice known to his companions as Leoncio Alvarez.


Level 3 Rouge

6515 Experience Points

Ability (Focus)

  • 3 Communication (Persuation)
  • 3 Constitution (Drinking)
  • 1 Cunning (Navigation)
  • 5 Dexterity (Stealth)
  • -2 Magic
  • 0 Preception
  • 2 Strengh
  • 0 Willpower

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 15
  • Health : 38
  • Defense : 15/16
  • Armor rating : 6


  • Weapon : Veridium Dagger
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 1D6+4
  • Weapon : Short Sword
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 1D6+4
  • Weapon : Veridium Short Sword
  • Attack Roll : +5
  • Damage : 1D6+5
  • Weapon : Tevinter Short Sword
  • Attack Roll : +6
  • Damage : 1D6+5


Backstab : As per the level 1 rouge power
Rouge’s Armor : Ignores the armor penalty of leather armor all together
Stunt Bonus : Valesco can perform the pierce armour stunt for 1SP instead of 2.
Talents : Scouting (Novice), Dual Weapon Wielder(Novice)
Weapon Groups : Bows , Brawling, Light Blades, Staves


Magical Studded Leather Armour
4 Throwing Knives
Veridium Short Sword
Tevinter Short Sword
Veridium Dagger
Traveler’s Garp
Tent, small
Healer’s Kit x2 (20 charges)
sewing kit
Healing Potion
Herbal book
Hooded Wolfmask
Studded Leather Armour


Leoncio still insist on keeping my watch, so I can sleep the whole night. Either he is a gentleman or he is thinking, I am not capable of doing it myself, possibly both. Well, it doesn’t matter that much, I enjoy my sleep.
- From the journal of Adelica Fetherston 9:30

Valesco is an antivan orphan, who was raised by the White Owls to become an assassin. He has short darkbrowm hair and brown eyesand is 1.79 metres tall. He weights 75 kg and has a trained Body and wears three copper earrings in his right ear. Furhtermore, there is a small scar over his right eye.
Valesco is quite talkative and was send by the white owls to protect Adelica Fetherston from the assassins of the Antivan Hounds, who are trying to abduct her.

His goals are:

  • to be successfull in the protection of Adelica Fetherston
  • to become a full fledged assassin
  • and to surpass all assassins of Antiva

He achieved foloing goals:

  • to rescue the life of Wanda, the daughter of the Major of Sothmere


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