The Truth

The Quest for the Shadowmoss
Following the "totally non-magical" Crow

I am really disappointed of the villagers. Now, after the raid, they are going to hide in their fort until some reinforcments from Denerim will arrive, but thats not the problem. The Problem is that they seem to not even be interested in saving their ill friends. If Wanda Kovik, the Daughter of the Burgomaster was not one of them they would probably have burned the ill immediatly. Only Fiala and Olek are comming with us to find the Shadowmoss that will cure the victims. The old Stoyanka has given us some potions which will slow down the Amber Rage should anyone of us fall victim to its vicious grasp. We also got a guide from her to help us finding the moss in the Korkari Wild. Aiyana a woman of the Chasind, she travels with a wolf who appers to be tame, or at least she keeps on saying so. We also got a pouch with some bugs which we can use as food for an strange raven, who will guide us on our quest.

We traveled today through Witchford, a small village that lies on our way to the shadowmoss. Ther was only one soul alive, though. An old man who was infected with the Amber Rage, but seemed to be verry resilent against it. He asked us to end his life but I refused. Leoncio tried to tell him that we could save him but he seemed to not even be listening. Aiyana wanted to kill him, she is so babaric, well she is a chasind so it should be no suprise, but even Tulkas intended to kill him. In the end we left him with a vial of the potion and a dagger, he choosed the latter. Tulkas and Aiyana also started looting the village. Unforgivable.

We had to cross a ford. Tal and Leoncio helped Alistair to bring my cart safely on the other side.

We heared that we would need to trvel through Dosov in order to get to the shadowmoss and were atacked by some raiders. But more importantly I had a dream of Stoyanka telling me that we had to coock the remaining bugs, to lure a Fire Elemental to us when we arrive who will show us the last part of our way. Tulkas and I are still not sure if it was a true dreamsending or a demon playing games on my mind, but if necessary Tulkas will cook the bugs.

We Traveled through Dosov. Leoncio gave Baba Zorya, the drunkard who was the mayor of the village, his bottle of vintevean wine as a payment so they will lock for Alistair and the horses when we go in the marshes.

We found the a place in the Swamp and the Crow that had guided us dropped dead. Tulkas started asking if the crow was magical, but we could turn his fokus back on our quest. We searched the area for some obvious entrances to some cave, but found nothing of interest.

We had to cook the bugs as it apeared and while doing so a giant crab tried to eat them but we easily fend it off.

-From the journal of Adelica Fetherston 9:30

In the Hinterland
Sothmere: the not so calm, calm village.

On our way back to the circle, we met some deserters. At first I was afraid it was a trap, but they were just some guys with really poor luck. They deserted from Denerim, because they are afraid of the rumors of a new blight, stole on their escape some poisoned food and were attacked by darkspawn. No good news at all: Darkspawn in the center of Ferelden. Well, eventually we guided them to the circle.
There I went with Tulkas and Adelica to the tower and talked with Gregoir about my payment for the help in the battle against this abomination. He paid quite a good price and accepted my terms, that Tal and I was given the prior claim for a post as a Guardian of Adelica, if a mercenary seems to be needed. Also we take care of Alistair, while Adelica stays in the tower. Till now, there was no sign of the Hounds, but I am sure, they have an eye on us.

The next “mission” didn’t waited long. Adelica shall travel to the small village called Sothmere, somewhere in the Hinterlands to represent the circle. The whole thing sounds like a simple village festival.

We traveled through Lothering and then went on to the Hinterlands.

The Antivan Hounds attacked this Night. It was only one and I didn’t know if it was a man or a woman. The Hound sneaked into the camp and ripped Adelicas tent open. I tried to kill him outside the camp without anybody noticing, but Tulkas heard some noise and spottet us at the edge of our camp.
Unfortunately the Hound managed to escape and left me with a bunch of questions from Tulkas and Adelica. I told them it was just a thief, but Adelica saw the cut in her Tent. Without a good answer I just told her it was done by a small animal. As expected, she didn’t believed me, but luck was on my side. Apperently Tulkas believed me and questioned Adelicas position. On the other hand, he saw some blood from the attacker next to the tent and I guess he started to mistrust the origin of the cut. I had no other choice than to play stupid when he asked me where the blood comes from.
I am sure this Hound will return or he will send some of his partners. I have to be careful.

We reached Sothmere. Just in time for the Festival. At the entrance of the town, we were greeted by the sherrif and mayor of Sothmere, Milo Kovic. He told us, that the festival will last three days and soon we began to see the what the village had to offer. Tulkas and I tried to win some money at the shooting range by faking a competition, where Tulkas loses and appears to be a beatable bowman. Unfortunately the local huntress Fiala was first in line. At the end of the competition, they had to place additional targets on the farthest possible distance.
After that, no one else tried their luck. In the evening Tulkas tried to hit on Fiala, while I should have one, no two eyes on Adelica, just as he wanted. And it wasn’t quite in vain. This was I get known to Ser Vilem Richta of the local garrison. A slimy noble and womanizer, who tried to convince Adelica from leaving the festival tent and walk with him through the night.
Let alone that Tulkas would have been more than just enraged, if I would have it been happening, I knew that the Hounds might be close to the village. So I chased Richta away with the help of obnoxious bad manners. Not a good plan, because Adelica was angry about my missing etiquette, but it was the first thing that came to my mind.

Its the second day of the festival there was a tournament, where Tulkas, Tal and I took part in. I hoped to win the tournament but I was defeated by Olek the Clown. He seemed to be used to fight, but he was still a clown, so I’m quite sure that Adelica will rub this fact in my face for the rest of my time with her. At least Richta was defeated by Tulkas, who won the tournament.
At the evening dance, Wanda Kovic, the daughter of sherrif Kovic talked to me. She seemed quite bored of the village and fascinated by my foreign nature. She is a young and innocent woman. It would be nice to take her with us on our travels, but I’m sure that her father would try to kill me, if I would try so.

Something terrilbe happened this evening. A group of chasind attacked the festival and injured Wanda and Dielza Oleks sister. Further they had poisoned weapons and the Old Stoyanka, a witch who covers herself as herb trader, said they have just a few days to live. Why didn’t they warn us about the attacks? Then we might have been prepared.
But Stoyanka also told us about an antidote she could mix. Unfortunately she’s missing one indegrent, the shadowmoss. So we took on the quest to find the shadowmoss and to rescue Wanda and help to protect the village.

-From the journal of Valesco 9:30

Welcome to Sothmere
Emissaries of the Circle

The journey back to the tower was a quick one and it was very refreshing that I did not had to give a report every few days. About a day before we reached Kinloch Hold we meet some strange travelers. Three young man, some lords of irony, they desert from the army becouse they feared they would have to fight the darkspawn. But it turned out that some food, they stole from their commanding officer, was poisend. They were travelling to the Circle in the hope the migthy mages would help them, but on their way they were ambushed by some darkspawn and had to fight it. They were lucky that they run across us, for I could show them them what I learned in my years of studies. Tulkas was of course insisting that I restrained from the use of Magic, but I still could help the wounded rider and stabilize the poisened person, so he lived to see the tower.

Back in the tower I reported to the first enchanter Irving about my mission while Tulkas was talking to Gregoir, Leoncio went also to the tower in the hope of getting paid by us while Tal was watching Alistair. Irving seemed contended with my work, he even asked me how i liked the Journey and if i would be interested in similar missions in the future. With a little bit of luck i will get other chances for some excusions in the near future, but it does not look like i could wander freely. Gregoir was pleased with Tulkas’s performance and it looks like he will be accompanying me on my future missions as well. Leoncio and Tal will probably be there, too. Leoncio bartered for the right of doing more escort jobs for the circle.

I have spoken with the first enchanter and had a task for me that allowoes me to leave the tower again, but I am not sure if this is a proof of his trust in my abilitys or perhaps the opposide.

I will travel to Sothmere, a small village in the Hinterlands. Irving was invited by the villagers to be the honoured guest on thei big annual festival. But he and the other enchanters are up to their neck in some experiments and can’t leave. So I was choosen to be the emmisary of the circle… I wonder if I should feel happy about this, it feels kinda as if I was the most expendable member of the circle. Nevertheless i will do my best to fulfill my duty and will do everything nessesary to rise the reputation of the circle. Tulkas will be again my warden and of course will i be acompanied by Leoncio, Tal and most importantly Alistair again.

We made just a small stop in Lothering to send a report and buy some necessities.

Last night some strange bandit tried to attack our encampment when Leoncio was keeping the watch but Leoncio routed him in no time. Strangely enough I spotted a cut in my rain fly, a clear cut, but Leoncio insists that this bandit did not even came close to my tent and on top of this Tulkas is impeaching my competence regarding cuts. Well we will reach Sothmere tomorrow and will fix it there.

We arrived in Sothmere and were welcomed by Sheriff Milo Kovic. We visited the festival and bought some goods. There was an Archery competetion Leoncio and Tulkas dueled each other and somehow Leoncio managed to defeat Tulkas… I always thought he was our best shoot and have the feeling that there was something odd there. After this Tulkas dueled with Fiala and managed to defeat her in an astonishing shootout… against targets far harder then those he had to shoot against Leoncio. I tried to leave with Leoncio, so that Tulkas could Talk to Fiala, who he seemed interested in, in private but he insisted to come along just in case i would turn into an abomination whle visiting the baked goods.
In the evening when everyone was dancing in the great tent, he was dancing with her and allowed Leoncio to keep an eye on me. Ser Vilem Richta introduced himself to me this eavening and Leoncio was behaving like some backwater yokel. One word more and i would have sent him away to the tents. We are here to give the people a good impression of the circle and if he wants to be an employee of the circle he mustn’t behave like this.

The next day a tourney took place and the others could of course not resist their urge to take part in this scuffle. The tourney was quick to become yust as horrible as I expected when Tal almost killed the poor peasant who was his first opponent. Well it was quite amusing when Leoncio was defeated by Olek the Clown. Tulkas enemy in the finals was Fiala but he won evan this round, taking the title for himself.

On the third evening the festival was raided by some strange babarians. I had my wand back in my tent and had to improvise using a spoon to channel some mana for my arcane lance. Well they were defeated quite fast but Wanda Kovic was seriously wounded and the tent was burning. When we came out in the open we found the village overrun by the babarians. Tal took quite a death toll from them and the last of them were defeated by some troops from the garrison who arrived. But a Child, Wanda and Dielza The Dancer had some strange feaver from their wounds. My magic could do nothing against it and Fiala also got wounded by a poisoned blade but Tulkas sucked the poison out of her wound… I hape they both are ok.

The Old Stoyanka told she knew were a cure is to be found but we would have to hurry.

-From the journal of Adelica Fetherston 9:30

... or so they say

Last day was the worst of the entire time with Adelica. I had to realise, that I won’t have to guard her from plain assassins. No even worse. I have to protect her from herself. Every thing was fine until the sweet lady must leave her cart as we had to let Alistair wait in the forest next to a small treebridge, we had to cross.
It didn’t take 10 minutes until she almost killed herself by falling from the treebridge down a cliff. At least she were tied to a rope, so we could rescue her.
Back then I tought, maybe she was just a bit unlucky. But later the day we managed to find the dalish elves who went missing and heard from them, that the abomination was on the way to Vintiver.
Therefore we had to hurry and on the way no one else than the little Adelica ended up in the web of some giant spiders. I really should keep always an eye on her in the wilderness. Finally we defeated the giant spiders and freed her from the web, just to have her almost drown in a river we had to cross.
Again she decided to go by herself, holding on a tree, which Tal felled on the other side of the river, but her robe got tangled up with a branch and luckily she managed to rip her robe so she didn’t drown. But this moment gave me a very uncomfortable feeling about having a river between me and her and gave me the power to swim as fast as I was never before trough the river.
Finally we reached Vintiver. The Abomination was raging in the center of the village, with the second half of the chain, with which we could banish him. It was a fierce battle, but finally we striked the abomination down and took its half of the chain. With the the help of Coalan, the smith of Vintiver who held a grudge against the elves, we forged the halfs of the chain together and banished the demon within the abomination. Turning the abomination and his servants into elves again.

Tal and I almost died in the battle, but Tulkas was still fine and didn’t killed the two of us and didn’t escaped with Adelica, so I think he really isn’t one of the Antivan Hounds.

After all this terror we celebrated with the village our victory and I caroused with Coalan and Tal with me as the winner. But there were two things that evening that gave me the cills.
Adelica said the demon might not be banished but escaped and one of the elves told me they found Alistair in the forest surrounded by dead wolves. I’m not sure if I should believe that or if it was just a dream while I was drunk.
And now we’re on the way back to the circle, but we have to take the direct route through the Bannorn. If we’re lucky the Antivan Hounds have no idea of our new route.

-from the journal of Valesco 9:30

Adventures in the Brecilian Forest
I knew it was a good idea to get this cart...

The sun was alredy setting when we finished searching the remains of the dalish Camp and so we decided to rest on a glade nearby. We made sure that our guards would be extra alert, for the last ones who rested in this part of the forest where ambushed. The vigilance of our guards payed well, for they heared the enemy moving through some of our alerttraps Leoncio and Tulkas made from some dishes of the dalish. Only moments after that we saw the cratures. I have to admit that their view in the light of the campfire was appalling, but we managed to defeat them. Only after their deaths we learned that these were not mere darkspawn, but some dalish elfes probably twisted by the abomination! Eshara identified the corpses of the elves as some hunters of her tribe who gone missing when the abomination started terrorizing the dalish.

Today we reached a chasm. Our only way over was a tree forming some kind of a makshift bridge. We had to leave alistair and my cart behind… i hope Alistair is all right. Now when I have to travel by foot I truely see how good it is to have a cart, all this stuff is just too heavy to carry it around all day long. Well, we were at this chasm and some strange crows were circulating above us. We had a rope long enough so we could secure one of us at a time to cross the chasm. Tulkas was the first to cross it but when he began to move over the tree those crows started attacking us and we had to dispatch them, really why did those strange beasts attacked us? However, I was the next one moving over the tree, I am lucy we had the rope foor my foot slipped on the moos-grown slippery tree and I fell. Ouch, I think it still hurts. Eventually we all managed to get over this damn tree, although some crows attacked again when Tal, the last to go, was on the tree. We finally could move on!

Today we found an old ruin. We came to the conclusion that this would be the lair of the abomination, so Tulkas and Leoncio were sent out to scout the ruin and see if we could safely enter it. They found an entrance to the cellar, but while they were searching we, while waiting outside for them to return, were attacked by some of those strange creatures who had turned out to be elves… somehow, well we managed to fend them of shortly before Tulkas and Leoncio returned. We then proceded with the whole party into the cellar of the ruins. There were some skelletons, but we wiped them out in no time. After this we had to proceed further down some stairs, but Leoncio insisted on looking for a trap first and it turned out their really was one! I’m still wondering how he could have known this. Well we finally found the dalish of Esharas tribe and could free them, I tried to talk about the situation with them, but whenever i raised my voice Tulkas interrupted me… I hink it was really impolite from him, I mean what have i done to him? However we learned that Mythallon was moving towards Vivinter with all his creatures and had planed to destroy it! We took one of the dalish with us who should lead us to a path so we could get quicker back to Vivinter. The other dalish would take the path we had come and would bring Alistair and my cart back to Vivinter.

On our march to Vivinter I got cought up in the net of some huge spiders! Lukily the others killed them of quite fast, but Tal killed one of them so close to me that my robe was stained with spider blood. I was not happy about this but luckily we got to a river shortly after this encounter. We had to swim through it to gat to Vivinter and so my robes could get rid of most of the spider blood.

We fought Mythallon! He was on the city square and had just knocked out Coalan, when we arrived. It was not an easy Battle, he was tough and had support from his Revengers and Bloodcrows. We also tried to protect some of the villagers, Tulkas helped a boy who was pursued by a Bloodcrow, Tal saved an old Woman from a burning building and I healed Coalan. We decided before the Battle to pull the killing blows against the Revengers and Mythallen, the Revengers became dalish corpses when killed, so we hoped we could redeem them. We managed do knock Mythallen out and snatched the other half of the link of rage. Coalen went with Tal and Leoncio to the smittey and managed to overhaul the link. We put it around Mythallens neck and indeed he and his monsters became knive-ears again.

The whole town was celebrating their own survival. But I felt uneasy. I examined the link of rage after we had banished the rage demon with it. The silver had turned black and we heard from Haaralan that the silver was not black when the demon was in it in the old ruin. Tal and Leoncio did not understand how dire the situation was, Leoncio said he would tell me if he saw someone with elongalated limbs and a huge head and went bouseing with Coalan. They really are like some kids, first they scuffeld with Coalan and now they were drinking on their friendship.

Tulkas and I got a dreamsending from Irving. It seems that we can travel through the Bannorn and get back to the Circle quicker.

-From the journal of Adelica Fetherston 9:30

It's an easy job...

For 4 weeks I’ve been waiting in the “Spoiled Princess” as a mercenary and guardian together with Tal. At least I could use the time meet some templars, so it will be easier to reach her. One of them is a young elf called Tulkas Astaldo. I’ve never thought the templars allow elves to join their ranks.

Finally the day has come. Adelica Fetherston has left the tower and fortune was on my side. Her only templar guardian is no one else than Tulkas. I managed to join their party with Tal and ordered him to have an eye on Adelica while we’re on the way to the Brecilian Forest.
Tulkas doesn’t seem to be one of the Antivan Hounds or he’s good at hiding it.

We were travelling for a week and there are still no hints of the Antivan Hounds. I feel better if Adelica doesn’t hold any watch. Otherwise it might be to easy to kidnap her. If the rest of us sleeps. Aditionally I searched carefully, when possible, in Tulkas belongings for hints if he’s one of the Hounds, but without success.

We found a burned down farm and were attacked by some blight wolves. Fortunately, Adelica seems to be capable of guarding herself in an open encounter. This mission might be easier than I thought. We also found an elfish Woman inside the barn. She was wounded and almost killed by Tal, when he stabbed into the straw she were hiding, but with a little help from Adelica, she seems to survive till we reach the next village.

We reached the village Vintiver and get anything but a warm welcome. The inhabitants beared an hatred against elves and we almost had to fight against them. Fortunately we managed to calm them down. Otherwise it might have been hard to protect Adelica in the fight.

The young elf awakened from her coma and as it seems an abomination terrorizes Vintiver and the elves. But the worst thing is, that the little miss and Tulkas want to stop the abomination. This sounds like some work to protect Adelica from getting killed. Furthermore I’m more confident that Tulkas isn’t one of the Hounds. I don’t think he would work alone and otherwise, he would have already tried to kill me when I’m asleep. Also, when Adelica dressed herself this morning, it was kind of easy to convince him to watch her though the key hole. If he had any men that woud have been the moment to get her and then he would have tried to get me and Tal away from the room. But time will tell. I shouldn’t be too sure.

- From the journal of Valesco 9:30

Journey into the Brecilian Forest
A qunari, a templar and an antivan walk into a bar...

Today something great happened: The first enchanter Irving has called for me. He had a Mission for me: I am supposed to find and examine an magical artifact from the Brecilian Forest. This means I will finally see something of Fereldan! I am in this tower for ten years now, I have overcome my harrowing a year ago and always studied diligently. Finally I get the trust I deserve! But of course they don’t allow me to leave on my own. Greagoir insisted on a templar joining me. It seems they are short on men, for they are sending a rookie with me: Tulkas Astaldo has joined me on my quest! As I have written some times ago he is a little harsh but a nice guy… for a templar. I will have to send letters to the Tower, reports of my travel, regularly, so we have to travel from chantry to chantry to get those letters send. On top of that, Tulkas has to sign and seal the letters… the templars do not even trust me as far as I could throw them. Well, at least it is safer to travel in a group and Tulkas has invited two of his “friends” he knows from the Spoiled Princess, an inn near the docks or so it seems. One of them is an antivan mercenary, he calls himself Leoncio. The other is a Qunari, at least three heads higher than I am, wihout his Horns… His antivan friend calls him Tal, and so will I.

I bought a cart and a mule: Alistair. He seems to be the smartest mule in the world and will make travelling much easier, I think.

Today we came to Lothering. A nice Town, but I didn’t get to see much of it. We just gave a letter to the chantry and restocked our supplies.

Leoncio still insist on keeping my watch, so I can sleep the whole night. Either he is a gentleman or he is thinking, I am not capable of doing it myself, possibly both. Well, it doesn’t matter that much, I enjoy my sleep.

Today we saw something terrible.
We came to a litte farmstead where we wanted to resupplie. But everyone who lived here was dead! They were killed by some blunt weapons or so Tulkas said. In the main room was a word written in blood, “Mythal”. I wonder what it means…

We were attacked by some Blightwolves, five I think, we managed to kill three of them and wound another one, until they escaped. Either they thought that we wanted to steal their food, the corpses of the poor farmers, or they wanted us to be their dessert. I’m glad Tulkas is such a good shoot, otherwise one of those beasts would probably have jumped on my cart and Iwould probably have been bitten. We resuplied from a closed larder and paid them with a funeral.

We also found a survivor: An elfish woman. She was hiding in some straw and was wounded. Well, she was more dead than wonded, after Tal hit the straw… We thought some monster could be hiding in there. I could save her with my magic abilities, but we have to bring her to the next town or village so she can heal. A wound , which she got before we arrived, got sore, she gots a fever and she needs some serious medical attention. At least we have Alistair so we don’t have to carry her to the next village. It will be mouch faster this way and I’m quite positive that she will survive.

Today we got to the Village of Vintiver. A small village which produces some nice wines. Well, it seems most people of this Village are not fond of the knive-ears and we got our verry own mob, shortly after arriving in Vintiver, but we could talk our way out of it and with the help of Tarl Dale, the local village warden, and Sister Arda we could persuade the mob, lead by their glorious bonehead Coalan, the local blacksmith, to leave.

Later Eshara, the dalish elf we found, ragained consciousness, Sister Arda did a great job taking care of her fever. We learned of her, that an rage abomination is leading some darkspawn near the Village. The abomination, Mythallen how it is called, is behind the dead villagers and peasants. We will travel tommorow with her and Tarl to the the Camp of her people, which was attacked by the darkspawn.
She could tell me that Mythal means “vengeance”.

We also found the Link of Rage, at least half of it. Eshara had it on her and was giving it to us. I’m not sure what it does, but it is magical and I think it will help somehow in the fight against the rage abomination. More importantly, I think that this could be the target of my mission. We have to get our hand on the other half, which the abomination still has.

I also got a good flask of vintivean wine, I will enjoy it with some friends back in the Tower.

Today, we started our travel to the Dalish camp. It was a calm Journey, exept from a distraction just half an hour after we left. Our favorite bonehead Coalan was hiding in the bushes with some friends of him. They had some clubs and wanted to make sure we wont like to travel to Vivinter in the future, or so I think.

Well, my comrades were behaving like some 10 year old boys and attacked Coalan the moment they spotted him, before he attacked us or even a word was spoken. Alistair and I watched their scuffle and were happy when we could move on, leaving Coalan and his thugs with the beating of their life in the dust.

We found the camp of the dalish. Well, or at least the remainigs. No dalish were left. The darkspawn had left not even a corpse. I think my companions looted some money from the camp but I thought it would be inconsiderate to do this in front of Eshara, so I did not participate.

-From the journal of Adelica Fetherston 9:30

Could this be the key...?
an incredible revelation?

My name is Jerrik Eluvian. In the year 11:25, I discovered an misterious diary which may or may not prove me right about the fifth blight and the so-called Hero of Ferelden. The time is matching,and even if it’s about somebody entirely else, I hope to find some referrences to the legendary short blight, that had ended, before it even spread over the borders of it’s outbreak.
This is serious and dangerous buisness, I’m doubting a piece of Thedas history, a legend….
If somebody finds out about this notes, I could get in some serious trouble. I’ll copy the original diary of Adelica Featherston, and do my best to recreate the characterizations of people she met by her log-entrys and some notes,she made…

Some other entrys may need external research, but I’ll do everything to discover the truth…

Whoever may find this notes, remember, that history is always written by winners and survivors…
We must not believe blindly everything we’re told…

From the secret notes of Jerrik Eluvian


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