Kinloch Hold

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“Since it is best known as the Tower of the Circle of Magi these days, many people forget that the great tower sitting in the middle of Lake Calenhad existed long before the Circle.” — First Enchanter Lothaire

Located in the middle of Lake Calenhad, this tower is home to the Circle of Magi. This is where mage apprentices go to learn how to become proper mages. It is here that they learn various spells, as well as how to deal with demons who might try to take control of the mages body, to create abominations.

A hamlet on the lake shore operates a ferry to the tower, but visitors are few and far between. Most who come to the Circle Tower now come either to learn magic or to warily watch over those who would learn.

More commonly referred to as the Tower of the Circle of Magi or the Circle Tower, Kinloch Hold existed long before the Circle of Mages did. This tower was built by the Avvars with some help from the dwarves and stood mighty for a long time. It was thought of as impregnable until the Tevinter Imperium succeeded in driving the Avvars from it in what was to be a brutal campaign. As a result, the tower gained a bad reputation and was thought to be cursed until the Circle of Magi assumed control of it in 3:87 Towers Age.

Kinloch Hold

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