The one who repents, who has faith,

Unshaken by the darkness of the world,
She shall know true peace.
-Chant of Light: Canticle of Transfigurations 10:1

My name is Jerrik. I am a mage apprentice in the Circle of Ferelden. Originally, my ancestors came from Antiva, but sometime during the Dragon Age, one of them moved to Ferelden. While I was searching for a book about entrophic spells, I discovered one of the bookshelves in the library had a false back with a secret compartment in the wall behind it. In this secret space, I discovered a handwritten diary, which I took. It seems to be written by a human mage called Adelica Fetherston. She startet writing this diary in the 9:30, the year, the fifth blight begun here in Ferelden.
I don’t know who hid this diary or why or even when, but it seems to tell the story of Adelicas journey. Since I’m fond to the history of the blights, I decided to keep this diary and to study it, so I may discover what really happened during the blight.
I still hardly can imagine a blight was ended before it even begun to wreck even one whole country. Is it really possible, that a civil war and some political events did more damage to Ferelden then an arch-demon leading a darkspawn horde?
I hope, I’ll find out.

Jerrik Eluvian

After reading some pages of Adelicas journal, I grow the feeling to be familiar with some names in this journal. At first, I couldn’t remember where I heard them before, but suddenly it stroke me like lightning. I never heard about these people, but read about them. When I was a boy, before my magic potential was recorgnized, I searched through some stuff, stored in the basement of my family estate. There I found an old journal,written by some guy named Valesco.
Could this really be the same Adelica Fetherston? But why did she never mention Valesco? And why did he never talk about this Leoncio, who traveled with them, according to Adelicas journal?
I should ask the first enchanter, if I may ask my parents to send me Valescos journal.
Maybe I can discover the truth by comparing the journals.

Jerrik Eluvian

The Truth

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