The Truth

Against the Time

Into the wilderness

After Stoyanka told us about the shadowmoss, we tried to gather the people and march into the wilderness, to find the shadowmoss. Unfortunately Ser Richta had a truly insane and stupid plan to save the village. He told the peasants that they should kill the infested and wait till the babarians come back to slaughter even more people. I gave my best to convince them from the fact, that Ser Richta ist about to doom the entire village and that there is a cure against the Amber Rage, the disease, by which the babarians and their weapons were infested with. But the peasants kept a mistrust against me and Aldelica and if Stoyanka hadn’t supported our cause this would have been the end for Sothmere. So we managed to get a week to find the Shadowmoss and return to Sothmere or Wanda and the other would be lost. We still tried to convince as much people as possible to come with us on our march into the wilderness, but only Olek the Clown and Fiala promised us help. Additionally, Stoyanka gave us a further companion, a guide and ten flask filled with a potion, that slows the effect of the Amber Rage. The companion was a chasind named Aiyana, who travels with a wolf. She calls the wolf Amarok and says he is her friend and tamed, but I’m not quite sure about the last part. For the guide Stoyanka seems to have summoned a magical crow, who needs to be fed with some special bugs. I didn’t really understood the details, but actually I think, I don’t want to know them. When we left Sothmere, I had a bad feeling about Ser Richta. I had prefered to take him with us to have an eye on him, but instead he took the villagers to the garrison nearby to protect them.

Our first stop on our way to the shadowmoss was the village Witchford, a gost village, which lost its people to the Amber Rage, by killing the infested villagers and in the end the babarians overrun them. The last survivor was an old man with only one leg. He begged us to kill him, but Adelica wished to save him, at least we had the possabilities to save him, if we find the cure. It wouldn’t have been a problem for me to kill him, but killing him could cost me the position as Adelicas guard. Further I saw no reason for his death. In the end, I left him with a dagger and one of the potions, so he could choose for himself, if he wants to live or die. He took the dagger and after Tal, Aiyana and Tulkas looted the remains of some houses. A questionable deed for we were fighting against the time to save the villagers. And we were afraid that the garrison was already under siege by the babarians, because the old man told us that the ones, who destroyed his village, went to the north, where Stohmere is located.

We met a traveller with two dogs who knew the way to Dosov, a small town and the last piece of civilisation on our way to the hidden lair, where we shall find the shadowmoss. He also told us about Baba Zorya the leader of the people in Dosov. He also told us, that she likes good wine and likes it even more to drink. Also I have to say, that she was quite nice looking. When we reached Dosov she welcomed us in their vine-yards and offered us a drink in her home. There we ask her to look after Alistair and our cart, but despite of my charme she still wanted some payment. In the end, I gave her the bottle of vintivan wine, which I selled Tulkas on the festival for a veridium dagger.

After hours of travelling through the swamp, this strange bird suddenly died out of the nowhere. And we had to cook the rest of these bugs, so a fire elemental would lead us to the shadowmoss. A truly horrible smell. Tal had to vomit because of it. Which makes me wonder, how sensitive is the nose of a qunari? But still its no shame, I almost vomited myself. Well and exept the horrible smell, which will stay for days in our clothing, we also lured a giant crab out of the swamp. Fearfull at first, but we cut of its pincers in a breath and it fleed even before Tulkas realised its presance.

-From the Journal of Valesco 9:30



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