The Truth

The last hope of Sothmere

There is a cure for the Amber Rage, but none for stupidity

Ater the giant crab and some more minutes of waiting, some little lights came near the cooked bugs. They looked like small, burning fairies and sang a disturbing song, which caused us all to lose our hope of completing our quest. If Olek and Fiala hadn’t been there all our efforts were for nothing. They withstood the song of the fire fairies and managed to break the spell that lasted on us. The fairies ate the cooked bugs and flew away.
We followed them, in the hope they are the fire elementar we were waiting to appear.

Finally we arrived at an old cavern, which the faires entered. In the cave was a small sea and although the fairies seemed to be out of flames, they entered the sea. Soon we found an underwater passage of unknown length inside. But we took the risk and dived through and reached larger complex of caves and tunnels, which were the home of a giant snake, that attacked us as we explored the cavern. It was a hard fight and I almost died, as the snake grabbed me with its tail, trying to breack my back. But in the end we managed to kill her just in time and after some magical aid and five minutes of rest I was ready to keep on moving. The tunnels were quite small. Thanks to the creator that Tal didn’t get stuck in one of them. So we found another cavern filled with rubbish and bodies of another century and again Tal and Aiyana couldn’t help themselves other than stealing from the dead. But I have to admit, they found a quite usefull short sword from the time of the Tevintivan Empire, which will be quite handy in the future. The next tunnel we took brought us finally to the shadowmoss. And at this point we had to realise that the so called shadowmoss is nothing more than some snake dung. Giant snake dung to be precise and apparently the food of the small fairies. Well at least we had the last ingredient for the cure. And not quite much of it on top of that. Further we hadn’t much days left to return to Sothmere, so we rolled up our sleeves and marched till the darkest night embraced us.

On our way back we had some nasty intermezzos. On of them was a babarian with the Amber Rage, who was trapped inside a hole, that some hunter might have digged to catch an animal. Well, I made the mistake and thought he couldn’t do any harm to me and missed his throwing knife. So I got infected too. And the only words I got weren’t words of hope or consolation. No, the dear Adelica Fetherston just said, that she already planned to infect me, so I can walk through the babarians, if the garrison is under siege, to bring Stoyanka the shadowmoss, because Adelica thinks that the infected wont realise me, just because I’m also infected. She really wanted to bet my life and the cure just because she thinks it might work. At least I understand why my old mentor told me, that protection missions are often the worst missions.
The next encounter was almost just as bad as the last. Ser Vilja Wulver, the mayor of a village close to Sothmere, and his men laid an ambush for us to get the shadowmoss. They heard we were searching for it and their village was also attacked by the babarians and unlike some dimwits in Sothmere they didn’t wait for their death, but tried to find a solution.
Luckily, Adelica and I managed to convince him, that we couldn’t give him the shadowmoss and that he could try to find some in the cavern. Also we promised him to give him any remainings of the cure after saving the people in Sothmere. He agreed and so we went on just to be intercepted by some of Richtas henchmen. They said, they were following some babarians who were defeated at the garrison, but as we showed them our back, they simply attacked us. Atfer their defeat, they told us, that Richta ordered them to kill us and to destroy the shadowmoss, while he burns Wanda and the other infected villagers, to take over the village. Truly a stupid plan. So we rushed to Sothmere and told them that Richta ist guilty of treason against his own people and that we have the cure for the Amber Rage. Richtas henchmen were our attestors. I expected him to raise his weapon against us, but he gave in and was burned instead of the infected.
Further the old Stoyanka prepared the cure and I had to drink it. A nice mix made of herbs, mushroom, water and giant snake dung of course. Nothing you want to drink, but if you have to choose between death or giant snake dung, I still prefere the latter. On top of that, I might have gain some reputation in front of the other for drinking this giant snake dung, without batting an eye. When we left the next day, Wanda still wasn’t awake, so I left her a letter, in which I beg her to send me a sign of life, when she’s fit again, but I didn’t ask her to come after me. Travelling with me would put her in danger for sure, but I still hope she leaves Sothmere before this village get itself killed by their own stupidity.

On our way back to the tower, I ask Aiyana to join my group of mercenaries. Stoyanka asked us to take her with us, so Aiyana can see more of the world and if we have a female guardian for Adelica, I don’t have to convice Tulkas everytime to peep on Adelica, when she’s changing her clothes or when she’s taking a bath. Eventhough I have to deal with her “tamed” wolf.

Gregoir wasn’t amused to pay for a third mercenary, but by denying a big part of my reward, I managed to keep the contract with the protection of Adelica.

-From the journal of Valesco 9:30



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